Following are our company’s terms and conditions, all customers are requested and advised to read all the terms and conditions before placing an order for any of our provided services.
All the information that is visible on our website is only meant to be used by our valuable customers and we strictly condemn and prohibit our users from reselling our content or using it for commercial benefits.


Our firm is well renowned when it comes to providing proofreading and editorial services. Our records include hundreds of satisfied customers that are based in the US and across the world.
We have a team of highly qualified experts that work efficiently to provide high quality results to our customers however it is clearly mentioned here for our customers’ knowledge that we do not take any responsibility and we are totally not liable for any incorrectness found in our provided content and we also are not liable for any loss that occurs because of our provided content, in any possible way.
When our customers place an order with us in order to get any kind of assistance or service that we provide, our customers agree to all our terms and conditions.


We as a firm provide proofreading and editorial services to our customers. We proofread, edit and format our customers’ provided content and it is fully customer’s responsibility to make sure that the content given to us is not plagiarized.


Dr. Adams Consultancy is a reliable firm that has hundreds of satisfied customers and our experts are highly qualified and very experienced however our experts are humans and are incapable of avoiding human errors completely. Therefore, this is mentioned here that Dr. Adams Consultancy as a firm does not take any responsibility for errors and inaccuracies found in the results.


All payments made to Dr. Adams Consultancy are made via secure payment methods. Customers must pay full payment while placing an order. All the results will be sent to our customers through email. We do not send results in hard copies. Customer should make sure that all the contact information provided is accurate.
Payment information (debit/credit cards information) is not saved nor shared with anyone. Using a stolen debit/credit card is a crime and such payments will immediately be reported to state and federal authorities.


When any of our existing or potential customer places an order for any of the services that we provide, that customer agrees to our terms and conditions. It is also notified here that we reserve all the rights to change our terms and conditions whenever needed without any prior notice.